The Midland Farms Store

The Midland Farms Store has officially opened! On Saturday’s from 9am-2pm, you can come directly to Midland Farms to get all of your favorite products! Shop a variety of products: pasture raised beef, pork, and chicken; farm fresh eggs; Midland Farms Goat Milk Soap; Midland Farms graphic tees & hats; farm plush toys & children’s books; jewelry; gifts and MORE! Enjoy the farm scenery down our 1/2 mile driveway and follow the picket signs to our lovely farm store. Stop by this Saturday to support your local farm and see the beauty at Midland Farms!

Educational Farm Tours

**Due to the increasing concerns of Covid-19, we have decided not to host any group activities or large attendance events until 2021.** Midland Farms is a family owned business designed to serve you and provide you with essential farm fresh beef, pork, and chicken. Our goal is to educate, while we entertain, through our love of farming. We encourage discovery through hands on activities around the farm! We want our guest to be able to meet the animals, pet them, and learn about them. Schedule your visit today by calling us at (704) 787-5540, or by email at